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Page 102

  • Resolve - To settle; to decide

  • Forgery - The act of producing a false imitation and claiming that it is real or genuine

  • Using the truth illustrated in this story, what clear signs of counterfeiting" can you see in the false religions described on the previous pages?

      In attempting to resolve the confusion regarding this matter, the lawyers and judges working on this case examined each will for tell-tale signs of forgery. What did they look for? Did the will claim more for the person or group presenting it than what could be realistically expected? If so, this would provide evidence of the will's counterfeitness.

      There are numerous writings today which claim to be the one, true, infallible Word of God. Obviously only one is true and the others must be counterfeit.

      In attempting to resolve this confusion, we may proceed along the same line of thought as the judges in the previous case. Does the book or religion presented give undue honor, credit, or merit to those presenting it-to man? Does it bear this telltale sign of forgery?

      The true Word of God exalts God to the highest, but abases man to the lowest; man is a totally lost and spiritually dead sinner who needs to be completely and graciously saved by God. Man's being totally lost, totally responsible, and needing total salvation by God is not to man's natural liking. Certainly, no man would ever forge this type of book or religion!

      Study each of the false religions presented in the previous charts. How does man earn, or partially earn his own salvation in each one? What telltale signs of counterfeitness can you detect?

      A missionary in Africa once carried a few mirrors. The natives had never seen their own faces, except unclearly in the water of a lake or stream. Soon news of this wonderful instrument, which clearly showed people their own features, was spread abroad.

      The missionary was invited to visit tribe after tribe. Deep in the interior lived a princess in one of the tribes who had been told that she was the most beautiful woman in the tribe. When she heard of this wonderful glass, she sent for the missionary, telling him to bring one of his mirrors.

      The princess was not a beautiful woman. In actuality, she was the least attractive woman in the tribe. When she

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