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Page 119

    Six-year-old Tommy once asked, "Mother, where did God come from?"

    His mother took off her wedding ring, handed it to him, and asked, "Where does this ring begin and where does it end?"

    After examining the ring carefully, Tommy answered, "There is no starting or stopping place on the ring."

    Then his mother said, "That is the same for God. There is no beginning nor ending to God. He always has been and always will be!"

    How can this story be used to illustrate certain truths about God which we cannot fully understand?

    Alice's father watched her plant her last row of corn. When she finished, he asked her, "Do you believe that corn plants will actually grow from the kernels you planted?"

    "Of course!" she answered somewhat surprised.

    "Explain to me, then, how those little kernels you buried in the ground will develop into full-grown corn plants."

    "I don't know; I can't explain it," Alice replied, puzzled by her father's questions.

    "That's ridiculous! How can you believe in something you can't explain?" -

    "I can't explain it, but I know I'm right," Alice responded, "and if you don't believe it - you wait and see! Corn plants will be here!"

    Her father laughed. "I like your answer, Alice. I questioned you in this way in order to teach you an important lesson. Some people laugh at us for believing in a God whom we cannot fully understand. When you hear this kind of reasoning, just remember your corn. We believe, and have faith in, many things which we cannot fully understand. "

    How does this story illustrate an important truth concerning the Trinity?

God revealed His Triune Being in an ever-clearer manner throughout His Word. We may find the revelation of the Trinity already in the first chapter of the Bible. Increasingly throughout the Old Testament, but especially in the New Testament after God the Son lived upon earth and the Holy Spirit was poured out, God clearly revealed His Triune Being.

Is the Trinity the only aspect of God that we cannot fully under stand, but by grace can learn to know and adore? Can you name others? Are there any attributes of God which we can fully understand?

How did God reveal in the first chapter of the Bible that He is both singular and plural (see Genesis 1:26)?

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