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Page 146

Why is it deceiving and dangerous to separate God's secret and revealed wills?

    3. "Predestination takes away all human responsibility and activity. If I'm elected, then I am; and if not, I'm not. Nothing that I do, or do not do, will change God's decree. "

This reasoning separates two truths which God has joined together in Scripture. God has not only decreed the end of all things, but also the means for arriving at the desired end.

    Imagine a person living carelessly and neglecting his health. This person does not take care to eat or dress properly. He never takes time for healthy exercise nor proper sleep. He smokes and drinks heavily, and ignores all good health practices. He never visits a doctor nor uses any medicine when ill.

    When you speak with him about his carelessness and lack of properly using the means which God has provided for his health, he answers, "I cannot add one year to my life. If God has decreed that I will be healthy, I will be. If He has decreed that I will be ill, I will be. Nothing I do, or do not do, will change God's decree. I cannot make, nor keep, myself healthy. Health is a gift from God."

    How would you answer this man? What he said is true, but is it the entire truth? How has this man separated God's means from His decree?

Study the following drawing which pictures both God's secret will (God's decree) and God's revealed will (God's means).

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