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Some people believe that they are saved because they "accepted" or "made a decision for" Christ of their own free will and power, while others did not make the right choice. Why does this "free-will belief" not humble man as does the doctrine of free grace?

God's election is not an excluding doctrine. Not repenting from sin exludes people from salvation, not election.

God's election holds an important place in Scripture and in the plan of salvation for the following four reasons:

    1. Election exalts God to the highest as sovereign Ruler over all things, and humbles man to the lowest before Him.

This is the desire of all God's true children as illustrated by the following story:

    When Dr. William Carey, the well-known missionary, was very ill, another missionary called to see him. This friend talked about Dr. Carey's great work for God. He spoke of Dr. Carey's great sacrifices for God. When the visitor prayed, he prayed about Dr. Carey's great achievements and wonderful life.

    As the visitor was leaving the room, Dr. Carey called to him in a feeble voice and said, "Friend, you have been speaking much about 'Dr. Carey.' When I am gone speak nothing about 'Dr. Carey'. Speak only about Dr. Carey's Savior! "

    How do Dr. Carey's words reveal his deep desire to humble himself and to exalt God? Those who know that their salvation is based on God's grace, and not on their own works or faith, love to glorify God. Do you?

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