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2. Election is the only hope for spiritually dead sinners. Election reveals that God will not pass by all fallen sinners, but that He will, out of sovereign mercy, save many lost sinners. Election is a rich manifestation of God, who eternally has delighted Himself in His people, that He might save them and restore them unto Himself.

    After preaching upon the doctrine of God's election, a minister was visited by a group of people. "We object to the teaching of God's electing of some people and not others," they stated. "Election denies the worth of each person and presents God as a harsh Ruler."

    The minister answered, "My friends, you are not objecting to the doctrine of election, but to that of man's total depravity. Since our fall, all people are born with a totally sinful heart - loving and choosing self and sin rather than God and righteousness. Therefore, if God did not mercifully elect to save some, all would be eternally lost. It is man's sin which abases him, but God's wonderful electing grace that makes man's salvation possible and glorifies God's love and mercy."

    How does this conversation testify of the truth that "election is the only hope for spiritually dead sinners"?

3. Election gives rich encouragement to actively use God's means of grace. In election, God has promised to richly bless His Word. Despite our sinfulness, God's election is sure. Sinners will be saved through God's blessing His means of grace.

    A servant once wanted to teach his master a needed lesson and sowed oat seed in an area where barley should have been planted.

    When realizing this, his master called him and asked why he had sown oat seed there.

    "I hoped to reap barley from it," he answered.

    "That's ridiculous; how can you sow oats and expect to reap barley? "

    "Master, you do that. You sow sin, neglect the Bible, and yet expect to reap heaven!"

    How did this servant demonstrate his knowledge of the fact that God works through means? Which verse in Galatians 6 is clearly illustrated by this story?

How does the experience of God's grace exalt God and humble man?

If we say that we are "Christians," that we "believe in the Bible," but do not actively use God's Word nor live according to its teachings, how are we just as foolish as the master in this story?

Totally depraved sinners need a totally gracious election. Why?

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