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Page 163

God's Creation

The first performing of God's decree outside of Himself began with His act of creating. "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Gen. 1:1).

The word "create" has both a human and a divine meaning. Human creative abilities are precious gifts from God. The following example illustrates various ways in which people can be creative:

    George is keenly interested in his Art classes, especially when working with water colors. Today, his paintbrush is in continuous motion as one idea after another flows from his mind onto paper. In fascination, George becomes more and more deeply involved in his work as his painting grows in design and color.

    Sally, however, does not enjoy Art class nearly as much as George, but has a deep feeling for music. She has already composed several of her own songs and loves playing the piano hour after hour.

    Robert, whose interests lie in the Industrial Arts area, has special skill for designing and constructing woodworking projects, especially furniture.

    Lisa has a special talent for writing poetry and loves composing verses about nature. Alice, however, is particularly fond of Home Economics, and cake decorating is her specialty.

    These young people are creative in various ways. However, do they create something from nothing, or from

How is God's creation of the universe different from a person's creation of a beautiful nature scene in an oil painting?

Our creative abilities reveal that we are created above the animals, but also, that we are not God. How are both of these statements true?

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