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pass into the optic nerve which transmits them to the visual cortex of the brain. The brain continually and instantly reads the complex image of millions of electronic impulses with such precision that colors, and even shades of color - from red (434 trillion vibrations per second) to violet (740 trillion vibrations per second) - can be clearly distinguished. Can you imagine such an intricate system happening by chance?

Imagine a person trying to convince a group that his computer unit, with its thousands of wires all properly connected to produce a clear image on a screen, put itself together by chance - that no one constructed it, but that it evolved by itself. Would anyone in the group believe this explanation. Why not?

How does the observable fact of the complexity of nature contradict the theory of evolution? How does it agree with creation?

4. The synchronization of nature. Various parts of nature were made to fit other parts. If there were no Creator, no Master Planner, how would one part of creation know that it should develop in a certain way to fit another part? How would flowering plants have "known" that they should grow bright colored flowers and produce sweet smells, so that millions of years later these colors and smells would attract bees which are necessary for their cross-pollination?

The human body is composed of 206 bones. Suppose that these 206 bones were all placed on the ground in an open area. If a person were to properly reconnect the entire skeleton by randomly placing bone ends together, the chance for doing this correctly would only be in 10111 attempts. 10 ... is a number which would be written as a I with 357 zeroes behind it! The number "one million" is written with six zeroes, "one billion" with nine, and "one trillion" with twelve.

How does the observable fact of the synchronization of nature contradict the theory of evolution? How does it agree with creation?

5. The beauty of nature. The various shapes and colors, together with their coordination in nature, evidence beauty.

  • Optic nerve - The main nerve con necting our eyes with our brain.

  • Visual cortex - The "seeing" part of our brain.

  • Synchronization - The act of various parts fitting and agreeing together

  • Do you see God's hand, and are you touched by God's wonderfulness when observing the tremendous complexity and synchronization of creation?

  • Randomly - Acting without plan purpose, or direction

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