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Page 174

Why do biblical creationists believe in microevolution but not in macroevolution?

  • Instinct - CAn inborn knowledge of necessary behaviors for the survival of each distinct animal species

  • Hybrid - The offspring from two different types of plants or animals

  • Sterile - Incapable of reproducing

  • Why are the world and universe personal to the true Christian, but impersonal to the evolutionist? How would the two differ when viewing a "lake and forest" scene? Do you see the Creator in His creation?

    However, the development of insects into amphibians, or of moths into other species of animals, has never been witnessed. One species developing into another is termed "macroevolution," with which we totally disagree. Generally, when speaking of evolution, macroevolution is meant.

    Each species has its own instincts. A young duck "knows" how to swim soon after hatching. Try teaching this to a chicken! Try teaching a reptile that it should "think" about flying! You will never succeed, for each species of animal is born with its own instincts.

    Distinct species of animals are observable today. Even the crossbreeding of animals is very limited. In the few cases where this is possible (only in cases of very similar species) the resulting hybrid is sterile. For instance, when a horse is cross-bred with a donkey a mule is formed. The mule, however, is sterile. It cannot reproduce itself as a new species.

      A speaker, when once addressing an audience on the subject of origins, stated the following:

      "When you tell an evolutionist that you cannot observe evolution from one species to another taking place today, he will tell you that evolution takes place 'too slowly' for a person to observe it in his lifetime. If this were true, then you would assume that the past history of our world would

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