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Page 178

  • Ascending - Climbing; advancing; rising

  • Trilobite - An extinct, flat, oval arthropod that is believed by evolutionists to have lived and died in the ocean more than 500 million years ago

  • Protruding - Extending; projecting

  • Sedimentary rock - Rocks which have been formed by matter that settled and was deposited in water

  • Sediment - Various materials which settle to the bottom in water

  • Mutations - Sudden changes appearing in the offspring of plants or animals due to a change in their genetic structure

  • Genetic structure - The pattern of genes (the units which carry the inherited characteristics to its offspring) in each species
  • Evidences of a simple to complex fossil arrangement in the earth's rock layers is not thoroughly convincing. For instance:

      - No single rock layer structure in the world reveals fossils in the same total ascending order that the Evolutionary Geological Table suggests.

      - Hundreds of reversals of the table's predicted order have been unearthed showing simpler life-form fossils in rock layers above more complex forms.

      - Fossils are frequently found in vast numbers called "fossil graveyards." These graveyards contain mixed fossils of many different forms of animals in the same rock layers.

      - Fossilized evidences of a trilobite in a human footprint, a human footprint in a dinosaur print, and other "impossibilities" according to the Evolutionary Geological Table have been documented.

      - Cases of fossilized tree trunks protruding through several rock layers indicate that these layers were laid down in short succession and not over millions of years.

    Creationists believe that the sedimentary rock layers, which are found in every continent of the world, testify of a worldwide flood, and not of an evolutionary process. As the flood waters rose, the simplest forms of life would generally die first and settle to the bottom; birds, larger mammals, and man would all fly or climb to the highest points available and die last. Animals would basically be buried in this order with numerous exceptions. The swirling waters would also bury thousands of creatures together in various places on earth, forming large "fossil graveyards" of mixed forms of life. As the flood subsided, layers of sediment settled and hardened, burying all forms of life in these various layers, at times settling around an upright tree trunk which penetrated through several rock layers. Trilobites, dinosaurs, and human beings all lived and perished together in a great worldwide flood; therefore their fossils can all be found together.

    5. Mutations - Mutations are changes which occur in the genetic structure of a living creature. While mutations are rare, they do occur. Most present-day evolutionists believe in a "mutation and natural selection" model of evolution. They believe that one animal changed into another through a series of mutations.

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