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  • Precise - Exact

  • Assumptions - Things we suppose or take for granted to be true without careful examination or proof

  • Catastrophe - A sudden, violent disturbance; a widespread disaster
    • c. A mutation only changes species that already exists.

      d. The structures of plants and animals are so complex and different from one another that imagining random mutations to have produced this vast variety would be reasonably impossible. This would be similar to imagining that a series of explosions in a print shop could drop all the necessary letters in precise order to form a complete dictionary.

      e. If one mutation occurs in ten million cell divisions and two in one hundred trillion, imagine what the odds are for three or four to randomly occur in the same species! Even if every mutation were positive (which the vast majority are not), the complexity of the living organisms we observe today would certainly have required thousands, possibly millions or billions of mutations to have occurred. Even millions or billions of years would not provide sufficient time for this number of random mutations to have taken place.

      Julian Huxley, a famous evolutionist, said, "A one with three million zeroes after; this is the measure of the unlikeliness of the horse - the odds against it happening at all. No one would bet on anything so improbable happening; and yet it happened!"

      If these are the odds against the development of the horse, one wonders what the odds would be for other animals, man, and all of creation!

    It is evident that all evolutionary theories require great periods of time. Without this their theory would be ruled out immediately. Evolutionists claim the age of the earth and universe to be millions or billions of years. All attempts to date the age of the earth and universe are based on numerous assumptions. Two major assumptions of all evolutionary theories are:

      1. Everything began "young"; it was not created with the appearance of age.

      2. Everything has continued the same as we observe it today, at a constant rate of change; there was no worldwide flood or other great catastrophe that greatly altered present dating processes or calculations.

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