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The evolutionist believes in an ancient universe and earth that are billions of years old, based upon his belief that everything was formed young, without the appearance of age, and that all things have continued in the past as we observe them today. The creationist believes in a young universe and earth that is thousands of years old, based upon his belief in the Bible as God's infallible Word. The Bible speaks of everything being created mature (with the appearance of age) and of a worldwide flood at the time of Noah. This is believed by faith in certain underlying truths.

It is very important to realize that true science does not contradict the Bible or Christian faith. Certain assumptions of evolutionary scientists and explanations of the evolutionary theory contradict the Word of God, but not scientific observation. God's general and special revelations, His creation and Word, can never contradict each other.

We know that the flood at the time of Noah was a worldwide, and not only a local, flood. The following two charts list the main reasons by which we know this.

Do science and the Bible contradict each other? Can you think of some scientific assumptions and theories that contradict the Bible? What is the difference between these two?

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