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Page 215

A young girl was sailing with her mother on a large ship over which her father was captain.

During the night, the ship encountered a severe storm, and was fiercely tossed about by great waves. All leaped from their beds. Fear was written upon each face.

Suddenly, over the fearful whisperings of the passengers, the voice of a young girl could be clearly heard, "Mother, is Father on deck?"

"Yes, he is, Dear," her mother replied.

"Then everything is fine; I'm going back to bed," the girl said decidedly.

How does this rich comfort of childike faith in one's father, even in times of storm, apply to the true Christian?

Why is God's child's faith in the Lord a more certain and secure trust, than this child's faith in her human father?

Especially in stormy times, how can true faith in God and in His providence shine as a precious jewel?

When experiencing times of severe trials and distressful events that are beyond man's control, to whom can the non-Christian turn?

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