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Page 220

What rich comfort is missed by all those who deny God's governing providence?

    Young Allan was traveling to a distant city by train to visit his grandmother. As he entered the train, fear swept through him. Did he dare to travel alone? Where was his seat? How would he know where to step off9 Would he find his suitcases again?

    As Allan stood there in a daze, the conductor kindly showed him to his seat, and the car attendant explained where the washrooms, diner, and sleeping compartments were. Frequently the attendants were stopping to talk, asking him if he had any questions, giving him snacks, books, etc., and helping him find whatever he needed.

    As Allan neared his destination, the conductor came to see if he was ready, found and carried his suitcases and brought him to a waiting taxi that would bring him to his grandmother's home.

    Allan was amazed that everything had gone so well. Everyone seemed to know about, and to care for, him. How could this be?

    As Allan grew older, however, he began to understand. His father had made all the arrangements ahead of time. He had instructed and paid the conductor and car attendant to provide extra care for him. Due to his father's care, all his needs were provided for.

    How is God's governing providence a rich comfort to God's children when traveling through life to their eternal destination? However, can they always see, experience, and rest in this truth to the same depth? Why not?

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