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Page 221

    A young soldier, having returned from war, was continually being pressed to tell about his experiences. Each time, however, he tried to avoid the questions.

    Finally, someone asked him directly, "Tell me, of all your war experiences, what impressed you the most?

    "Well," the soldier replied, after some thought, "the thing which impressed me the most was the number of bullets that missed me."

    Have you been impressed by God's governing providence in the number of dangers that have missed you? Have you seen and deeply appreciated God's hand in His daily protection of you?

    On a Sunday night in 1914, the largest ship man had ever built, the "Titanic," sank in the Atlantic Ocean. Hundreds of people died in that terrible night.

    One of the passengers on board was Colonel Gracie. His wife, who had remained behind, could not sleep that night. She felt a need to pray for her husband, and prayed earnestly for his safety.

    Meanwhile, Colonel Gracie was helping to launch lifeboats from the sinking ship. He had given up hope of being saved. He knew that the ship would sink and that there were not nearly enough lifeboats for all the passengers.

    After the last lifeboat was launched, the colonel felt the ship being drawn under and jumped into the ice-cold water. When he came to the surface, he found himself near an overturned lifeboat. He climbed on and clung to this boat until another lifeboat rescued him.

    God's remarkable acts of governing providence are often witnessed in special times of distress and emergency. Can you and your family relate accounts of how God has helped in special ways in times of special need? Afterwards, were you more impressed with the directing God or the remarkable events? Did you end in the Giver or in His gifts?

What rich security does the true Christian possess, that the world can never match? How is a life of trusting in God different from that of trusting in man, material goods, govemments, or any other worldly trusting ground?

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