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Page 223

    David Brainerd, a famous godfearing eighteenthcentury missionary to native Indians in the United States, was once traveling to visit a nearby tribe. On his way, he was overtaken by a severe storm.

    Looking for a place of shelter, he found a large hollow tree with an opening at the base, and crawled into it. As he waited, he became increasingly hungry, but could not move on, due to the violence of the storm. This led him to pray - and ask God to graciously care for his needs.

    After some time, he saw a squirrel enter the tree and deposit some nuts. After it left, he reached up, took, and ate the nuts. For three days the storm continued in its fury, and for three days the squirrel continued its trips to the hollow tree to deposit nuts.

    Rev. Brainerd recorded this event in his diary. It was an encouragement to him in his work, for he saw that the God of Elijah was still living.

    God often shows the greatness of His providence through His use of small things. What rich lessons did Elijah learn from the ravens, and Rev. Brainerd from the squirrel? What rich blessing is contained in knowing that God's providence extends over all things - even "little" things?

When we see God's hand in all things, why is nothing actually a "little" thing? Why are even the smallest things important?

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