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How does the struggle between faith and unbelief, and trusting and doubting God's dealings, relate to the old and new natures within a true Christian?

  • Suspended - Hung

  • What is pictured in our lives by "bright" and "dark" strings?

    Even for true Christians it is not always easy to understand why certain evil things, hardships, or problems take place in their lives; to see the "good ends" to which God is directing them; to realize God's purpose behind distressing circumstances, nor to always trust God's leading. This is especially true when His leading contradicts the way in which we think things should go. The following story illustrates this truth.

      A minister was once very distressed over several difficult and confusing circumstances. No matter how he looked at these events, he could not see any reason or purpose for them in his life. He was filled with spiritual doubt and darkness.

      While in this condition, he visited one of his members who worked in an oriental rug factory. Entering the weaving room, he paused to observe that which was taking place. A rug that was being woven was suspended above him. He could only see its underside, which showed various colored strands of yarn being strung here and there. There did not appear to be any reason, order, or pattern to the confusion of strings he saw.

      He also observed that the workers did not question their director, who was stationed above the rug, but immediately obeyed him by handing up whatever colors he ordered at the various locations.

      To meet the person he needed to see, he had to go to the second floor which was above the suspended carpet. When the minister climbed the stairs and reached the point where he could see the top of the suspended rug, he stopped in amazement. Now he could observe the beautiful pattern that was being woven from above.

      There on the stairs, the Lord taught him a beautiful lesson. God was above, directing and weaving a perfect pattern in his life, using both bright and dark-colored strings. His duty was to trust his heavenly Director, to obediently hand up the strings, even when he, from underneath, could not see the pattern being woven.

      How is this example a beautiful illustration of faith in God and His providence?

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