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Page 252

If a person does not truly know, love, and serve God, why can he never be truly happy and content?

  • Abstractly - Not physically; dealing with deeper thoughts and meanings

  • Enables - Makes possible

  • Immortality - Never-dying; unending existence

  • Erect - Upright; straight
  • The beautiful state in which man was created and in which he lived in Paradise is described in the Heidelberg Catechism, Answer 6, in this manner:

    "God created man good and after His own image, in true righteousness and holiness, that he might rightly know God his Creator, heartily love Him and live with Him in eternal happiness to glorify and praise Him."

    In Paradise, man fulfilled the purpose for which he was created: to know, love, serve, glorify and enjoy God, his Maker. Therefore, man lived in perfect happiness and contentment.

    The image of God can be spoken of in a narrower sense and a wider sense. When this is done, the image of God in its narrower (or restricted) sense refers to the image itself - to the reflection of God's knowledge, righteousness, and holiness in man, as previously described.

    The image of God in its wider sense refers to man as God's image-bearer - to the characteristics and qualities God has given man which place him above the animal creation and set him apart as God's image-bearer.

    The image of God in its wider sense includes man's being created with:

      1. Rationality - the ability to reason; think abstractly; deal with deeper meanings; and use language.

      2. Spirituality - a soul which enables man to spiritually worship and communicate with God, who is a Spirit.

      3. Immortality - a never-dying soul, and after the resurrection, a never-dying body.

      4. Conscience - a deep awareness of God and a moral sense of right and wrong.

      5. Erect body posture - standing and walking erectly on two legs instead of lowered t3 four; eating with our heads erect instead of lowered to the ground.

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