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Page 256

When does the restoration of the narrower sense of the image of God begin in the lives of God's children? When will both senses of the image of God be perfectly restored in them?

Why is the killing of an animal an altogether different matter from the killing of a person? What will happen to a society's values regarding human life as it departs further from God's truth and a belief of man as God's image-bearer?

    During the reign of Theodosius the Great, a Roman emperor, a revolt took place in the city of Antioch. An angry mob in the city tore down and broke into pieces a statue of the emperor's wife.

    When Emperor Theodosius heard of this, he became very angry. In revenge, he sent an army to the city to kill many of its citizens.

    There was a wise monk living in this city, however, who sent a message to the emperor. He wrote, "You, oh Emperor, are angry, and that justly, because the image of your wife has been mistreated and broken; but shall not the King of kings be more angry to see people, who are created in His image, mistreated and killed? Of how much greater value is a never-dying soul than a brass statue!"

    After reading this, the emperor drew back his forces.

    Why is human life so valuable? Why may we never unjustly kill a human being? Why did God command that all murderers be put to death?

    How does Genesis 9:6, "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made He man," assist in answering these questions?

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