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Page 259

Our bodies are priceless gifts from God; they must be valued and cared for. Of how much value are your health, mind, eyesight, hearing, hands, legs, etc.? Is not a healthy body a priceless gift from God?

    Sixteen-year-old Daniel lived with his seven brothers and sisters in a poor home and neighborhood. Several family difficulties had kept his family quite poor materially. Daniel did not have nice clothing or possessions as did the others in his class at school.

    Daniel grew more and more discontent, and grumbled and complained more frequently. Finally, his father felt he had to do something to correct Daniel.

    One Saturday noon, Father announced, "Daniel, you have been feeling quite sad and poor lately. This afternoon, I am going to take you to a place which I know will make you feel very happy and rich."

    Daniel was full of questions and very anxious to know where his father would take him, but Father said no more. Even when driving through town together, Father was silent.

    Finally, they stopped - at the city hospital!

    "Why are you stopping here?" Daniel asked, completely bewildered.

    "Follow me," Father responded.

    They walked to the Extended Care Unit where his father had made arrangements for Daniel to spend the afternoon visiting, playing games, and going for walks with various patients.

    That afternoon, Daniel helped with caring for people with severe handicaps and diseases, several of whom had been there for many years. A silent Daniel rode home later that afternoon. Finally, his father asked, "Do you still feel sorry for yourself, Daniel, that you are so poor and have so much to complain about?"

    "Dad, I never realized that I am so rich. You're right! I have so much to be happy about."

    How rich are you? For how much would you sell your health? How are we all "millionaires"?

When viewing the value of the gifts of a healthy mind and body, how are we all "millionaires"?

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