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How does a willful inability differ from unwiliful inability? Is fallen man's inability to love and serve God a willful or unwulful inability? Why?

  • Abolished - Ended; destroyed; put out of existence


    Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in His sight.

    - Romans 3:20a


      required me to do things which he knew I could never perform. I was not able to find or unpack those coats. I'm being punished for not doing something I could not do!"

      When the employer heard this, he approached Phil and asked him, "My friend, is it my fault that you came to work drunk? If you had not made yourself incapable of performing that which I asked, you would have been able to do it, isn't that right? Which is wrong and unreasonable - my request or your behavior?"

      How can this story help illustrate the truth of God's justice in requiring from us that which we cannot perform?

    Man's breaking of the Covenant of Works with God has abolished the possibility of his earning eternal life through his works. Fallen man is guilty of, and polluted with, sin. Man's fall has not ended God's requirements, however. God still justly demands perfect righteousness and holiness from each person.

    Actual sin flows out from original sin. Our sinfully-polluted heart is the fountainhead which spews forth a host of actual sins in our lives. Actual sins are the sins in thoughts, words, and actions that each of us actually commit.

      "When you see a wormhole on the outside of an apple, has the worm eaten its way into or out of the apple?" Linda's teacher asked.

      Several students had different responses. Linda did not know.

      Finally her teacher responded, "From the inside to the outside. The egg was laid already in the blossom and the worm was hatched in the core of the apple. As soon as it hatched, it began eating its way to the outside."

      How does this illustration picture the "worm of original sin" in people's lives? When is it planted? Where

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