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    Rev. Ledeboer wrote this question and answer in his booklet, Simple Catechism Questions for Children:

    Q. What is the greatest misery?

    A. Not to feel our misery. Why is this true?

    After Chrysostom's arrest, the emperor asked his advisors what they should do with him. "What will make him most fearful - so afraid, that he will recant"?

    After various ideas were mentioned, one of the advisors answered, "Your Honor, I know him. Prison, banishment, nor even death will cause him to fear. There is only one thing that he is afraid of - and that is sin."

    Is sin your greatest fear?

    When viewing man's deep misery, his sin, impotency and punishment, we are inclined to despairingly ask, "Is man's case hopeless?" From man's side it is; but man's sin is not the total picture. The following story provides us with an instructive illustration.

Why is man's natural condition of not feeling his misery, his greatest misery?

  • Chrysostom - Archbishop of Constantinople who died in banishment in A.D. 438

  • Recant - To publically retract or deny that which was previously con fessed to be true

  • Banishment - Exile; the condition of being condemned to leave a country

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