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The Covenant Of Grace

God is a covenant-making and covenant-keeping God. The Lord delights in revealing Himself to, and forming a relationship with, His creatures.

The word "covenant" means "agreement," an agreement between two or more parties. This is true when we speak of human agreements or covenants. Human agreements benefit both agreeing parties. However, when we speak of the covenant-making and covenant-keeping God, we are referring to gracious covenantmaking.

God is an infinite, perfect, complete, and self-sufficient Being. Nothing can be added to His greatness or perfections. He has no need for anything outside of His own Being. Therefore, His desiring to enter into a covenant relationship with His creatures is a freelygiven, one-sided revelation of God's grace - His rich, overflowing love.

The Lord is not bound to enter into any relationship or agreement with mankind. If God would choose never to reveal Himself to man, man could not claim injustice. As creatures, we cannot lay any claims upon our Creator. Therefore, God's covenanting, His willingness to enter into relationship with man, reflects His grace His rich, deep, one-sided love and care.

  • Covenant - An agreement; a contract between two or more parties

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