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Page 328

To be saved, why is it necessary to experience my misery, death in Adam, and being cut off from the Covenant of Works; as well as experiencing my deliverance, life in Christ, and being implanted in the Covenant of Grace? Why are both necessary?

sin, and earn their right to the promise of eternal life. How the same principles of representation by covenant head, testing, penalty, and promise apply to both covenants is shown more clearly in the charts on the following page.

    Rev. John Newton, a well-known minister in England, when his memory was nearly gone before death, used to tell others, "I forget much, but two things I have never forgotten. First, that I am a great sinner, but secondly, that Jesus Christ is a great Savior."

    When Rev. M'Laren was on his deathbed, one of his fellow ministers in Scotland visited him and asked, "What are you doing, brother?"

    He answered, "I will tell you. I am gathering together all my prayers, all my sermons, all my good and ill deeds; and I am going to throw them all overboard, to swim to glory on the plank of free grace."

What personal, saving knowledge regarding both the Covenant of Works and the Covenant of Grace did these men reveal on their deathbeds? How does the statement "Death in Adam and life in Christ" refer to these two covenants?

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