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Page 357

    * INWARD COVENANT RELATIONSHIP only with the spiritual seed, the elect, and the Church Invisible; an unbreakable, eternal relationship with God through Christ as Covenant Head; the essence of the Covenant in which the full benefits of regeneration, conversion, forgiveness of sin, and a right to eternal life and fellowship with God are realized in true believers, for Christ's sake.

    ** OUTWARD COVENANT RELATIONSHIP with the natural, baptized, seed; the Church Visible; a temporary relationship which is breakable through man's sin and rejection; special benefits are received but they are not sufficient for salvation; if broken, the benefits of this relationship will testify against its recipients.

This presentation of the covenants retains the following advantages.-

1. It clearly maintains the scriptural comparison of two covenants pertaining to man's salvation - the first being broken by Adam, and the second being secured by Christ.

2. It clearly presents the inseparable connection between God's plan from eternity and His performance in time concerning His election, plan of salvation, and Covenant of Grace.

3. It clearly pictures Christ as the Head of His church and covenant and yet directly connected with His church as body and the recipients of covenant blessings through His headship.

4. It clearly proclaims Christ as the only meriting cause of salvation and shows how "conditions" to be met by the elect are actually benefits given to them by Christ their Covenant Head. It eliminates the dangerous tendency of again attempting to make man an agreeing party with God through his conditional obedience.

5. It clearly reveals how the essence of the covenant is unbreakable and only includes God's elect church (the spiritual seed), and yet, how a breakable and outward relationship with the covenant is granted to all baptized members of the church (the natural seed).

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