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Page 360

This presentation of the covenants grants all the promises of the Covenant of Grace, all its saving blessings - forgiveness of sins and right to eternal life and communion with God - to all the baptized seed of the church. Each baptized person is called upon to receive, believe, and rest in this covenant gift by faith. The essence of the Covenant promises can be confirmed by faith, or broken by rejection, in the lives of the baptized seed.

This presentation of the covenants produces the following disadvantages:

1. It denies the unbreakableness of the Covenant of Grace. God's line of election from eternity, (in the Counsel of Peace), being fulfilled in time, (in the Covenant of Grace), is broken. Man can break all the promises of the Covenant through his unbelief.

2. It places all baptized members within the Covenant of Grace in the same manner, which denies the distinction of only the elect, the spiritual seed, being in the essence of the covenant with God.

3. It introduces the dangerous tendency of again making man an agreeing party with God in the Covenant, through his conditional faith and obedience.

4. It obscures the scriptural contrast of two covenants - the first being broken by Adam and the second secured by Christ.

5. It separates the scriptural connection of Christ as Head of His church and covenant, with His people as body and recipients of covenant blessings through His headship. Each person stands or falls according to his own faith.

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