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Page 369

    Presumptive regeneration can be pictured as follows:

An Example Of Presumptive Regenerational Teaching

It may be well to quote in this connection the first half of the fourth point of the Conclusions of Utrecht, which were adopted by our Church in 1908. We translate this as follows: "And, finally, as far as the fourth point, that of presumptive regeneration, is concerned, Synod declares that, according to the confession of our Churches, the seed of the covenant must, in virtue of the promise of God, be presumed to be regenerated and sanctified in Christ, until, as they grow up, the contrary appears from their life or doctrine.

- Rev. L. Berkhof, Systematic Theology

3. Covenantal regeneration - Covenantal regeneration refers to the belief that all the gifts of the Covenant of Grace, including the forgiveness of sins and right to eternal life, are promised to the children of the church in their baptism. There is no inward or outward relationship to the covenant - all are included in the covenant

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