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in the same manner through baptism. Each baptized person is called upon to believe God's promise and receive His gift. Faith in God's promise and obedience to His will are required conditions for remaining in the covenant. God's covenant "vengeance" falls upon those who reject His covenant through unbelief.

    Covenantal regeneration can be pictured as follows:

God gives all the promises of the Covenant of Grace to baptized children. They remain in the covenant by faith and obedience or fall away through unbelief.

An Example Of Convenantal Regenerational Teaching

God's promises were given to all those that were baptized - your baptism was full. The more urging becomes the demand to keep God's covenant, holding fast to God's promises and directing yourself to His commands. Children of the Kingdom will be cast out and cut off the true vine, when they are disobedient and bear no fruit. So the children of the covenant must keep their covenant. God wants to be acknowledged and adhered to as covenantal God. They must love and serve Him by faith. Thereby trusting in Him who worked their salvation. Both sides (parties) must keep the covenant. Baptism is serious business - in the name of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A covenant cannot be broken - but by self-chosen death.

- Rev. J. Van Bruggen, The Belgic Confession of Faith

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