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Page 405

    A group of people once met in London for an English Literature conference. In his opening message, the president included the following remarks:

    "Ladies and gentlemen, what would you do if Milton would walk into this room?"

    "Ah," answered one. "We would give him a standing ovation! "

    "What would you do if Shakespeare entered?"

    "We would arise and crown him master of literature and song!" another responded.

    "May I ask you," said the president, "what would you do if Jesus Christ would enter this room?"

    After a period of silence, one reverently responded, "We would fall on our faces and worship Him!"

    How does this answer reveal that Jesus is more than a mere human being, more than just one who is to be respected and admired for his personal achievements?

The Lord Jesus is not only divine, but he also took upon Himself our human nature - both soul and body. Scripture testifies of Jesus' human nature in many places. The chart on the following page presents several examples:

How is Jesus much more than merely being the best man which ever lived or the best example to be followed?

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