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Page 412

As human beings, we need 9 names to distinguish ourselves 0 from others. But no one is similar to Jesus Christ. Why then, has He given Himself so many names in Scripture?

The Names Of Jesus Christ

"What type of work does your father do?" her teacher asked.

"He's a policeman," she answered, quite surprised at the question.

The Names Of The Mediator


Angel of the Lord


Root of David

Son of Man

The True Vine

Son of God

The Bread from Heaven


Rose of Sharon

The Lord our Righteousness

Lamb of God

The Mighty God

Lamb without blemish

The Everlasting Father

Lamb that was slain

The Lord and My God



Good Shepherd

The Only Begotten Son

The Rock of Ages

The Almighty

The Rock of Salvation

Creator of All

Rock and Fortress

Upholder of All

The Spiritual Rock

Alpha and Omega

The Surety

The Beginning and the End

The Great High Priest

The First and the Last

The Cheif Cornerstone

The Word

Savior of the World

The Word Made Flesh


Express Image of God

The Light of the World

The Brightness of His Glory

The Light of the Gentiles

Lord of Lords

The Bright and Morning Star

King of Kings

Dayspring from on High

Lord of All

Holy One of God

Prince of Peace

Captain of our Salvation

King of the Jews

The Deliverer

King of Glory

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

The Way

The Ensign of the People

The Truth

Author and Finisher of Faith

The Life

Lord of the Sabbath


Just One


Jesus of Nazareth

The Faithful and True Witness

The Foundation

Messenger of the Covenant

The Resurection and the Life

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