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Page 415

    Being only halfway to their destination, the frightening sound of the baying of wolves was heard. The man yelled to his servant to drive faster, but soon it could clearly be heard that the wolves were gaining on them. If the wolves would overtake and kill the horses, all would be killed.

    With the wolf pack now very near, one of the horses was loosened into the forest. The poor animal rushed madly through the trees, and the wolves were diverted onto its trail. It was soon killed and eaten, and the pack began closing in on the travelers again. A second horse was loosened and more time was gained.

    But with only two remaining tired horses, their speed was slowed. Their destination was near but they would not make it. The first wolves could now be seen approaching at full speed.

    "Nothing can save you, but me!" the nobleman's servant exclaimed, and before the man had time to prevent him, he jumped from the sleigh. In a moment the wolves were upon him. The two panting horses continued on with the sleigh and arrived safely at the nearby inn.

    The love of this servant for his master was very noble and touching. In what ways is it a picture of Jesus? Of the name "Jesus"? In what ways does the love of Jesus to save sinners transcend the love of this servant?

    How will this nobleman view, and speak of, this servant for the rest of his life, do you think? How will those who have been saved by Jesus Christ view, and speak of, Him for the rest of their lives?

Those missing the love of Jesus Christ in their lives, are missing the deepest love possible. Why? Why is the name "Jesus" most precious to those who have experienced something of His love?

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