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Page 47

    A native once received some provisions from a missionary at a newly-opened mission station. On reaching his hut, he found some money among the things he had received. At first he was delighted, but during the night he became restless. He could not sleep; thoughts about the money kept troubling him.

    Early the next morning the native returned to the missionary and said, "I found money in the things I got from you. Here it is."

    The missionary was amazed and asked, "Why didn't you keep the money?"

    The native pointed to his chest and said, "Two voices talk in here. One voice says, 'Money is yours - you found it. Keep it.' Other voice says, 'Money not yours. Give it back.' These talk inside me all night. I not sleep. They trouble me very bad. Now I bring money back. Now I feel good."

    What "voice" kept telling the native to return the money? The mission station had just opened; the missionary had not had an opportunity to instruct the natives from the Bible. How did this man have the knowledge that it was wrong to steal?

A person's conscience is a precious gift from God. However, its voice can be quieted or distorted through wrong teachings or practices. The following story is an example of this:

    Michael had always attended church each Sunday morning with his parents for as long as he could remember. Weather permitting, after church, they always

Can our consciences always be our guide? How are our consciences influenced as we mature? Are our consciences infallible (without error)? What dangers can you foresee if people base their decisions upon their consciences instead of God's Word?

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