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Inspiration Of The Bible

The word "Bible" means "book." The Bible is the "Book" of all books. It is a letter, a book written by God to us as human beings.

Something of its great value as a letter from God to us can be compared to the following example:

    David possessed a letter from his father which was written to him before his father passed away several years before. In this important and treasured letter, David's father had written several loving instructions and warnings to guide him as he grew up. This letter reminded David of his father's love and concern for him; therefore, he treasured it very dearly. He read and reread it often.

    How can the Bible be compared to a letter? Who is its Author and to whom was the Bible written? What instructions and warnings does it contain to guide its readers through life? How does the Bible reveal God's love and concern for sinful people? Why should the Bible be the most important and treasured letter we possess?

The entire Bible was written by the inspiration of God; God the Holy Spirit was its Author. He used different human writers as means and inspired them to write His Word. God the Holy Spirit prompted these people to write, informed them of what to write, and perfectly guided them in the exact words to write.

How can the Bible be compared to a letter? Who wrote it, and to whom was it written? Why should the Bible be the most treasured "letter" we possess?

  • Inspiration - God's influence and direction by which He guided each human writer of the various biblical books to perfectly write His Word

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