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  • Universal - Worldwide; general

  • Why would the large number of differences between the Vatican and Sinaitic manuscripts provide additional support to the argument proposed in Reason Five?

    We favor remaining with the King James or Authorized (Traditional Text-based) Version of the English Bible instead of using one of the newer (Westcott and Hort-based) translations for the following reasons:

      1. Volume - The King James Version is based upon the Traditional Text. Approximately 96 percent of the more than 4,500 known partial and complete Greek manuscripts follow this textual reading.

      2. Church History - The Traditional Text has been used by the church historically. The English, French, Dutch, and German Reformation churches all used Bibles based on the Traditional Text. (The Dutch "Statenvertaling," 1618-1619, is also based upon the Traditional Text.)

      3. God's Providence - Would God, after carefully inspiring each word in the Bible, permit 96 percent of all the Greek manuscripts and all the Bible translations of the Reformation to be based upon corrupted copies, only to bring to light the "truer text" in 1882 through Westcott and Hort? God's providential dealings support the Traditional Text or King James Version.

      4. Church Acceptance - Of all English translations, only the King James Version has passed the tests of time and of universal Protestant church acceptance.

      5. Oldest Does Not Mean Best - The Westcott and Hort arguments that "the oldest manuscripts are the most reliable" and that "age carries more weight than volume" are not necessarily true. It could well be that the two oldest, complete manuscripts were found to be in such unusually excellent condition because they were already recognized as faulty manuscripts in their time and therefore were placed aside and not recopied until worn out as were the reliable manuscripts. This is further supported by numerous existing differences between the Vatican and Sinaitic Manuscripts.

      6. Word-for- Word Translation - The translators of the King James Version were filled with such deep respect for each word of Scripture, that when any word had to be added in order to produce a grammatically correct sentence in English, the added word was printed in italics. In this way,

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