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Scripture is supported by the following eleven truths as evidences that the Bible is the Word of God.

1. The order and completeness of the Bible - The Bible contains sixty-six different books, written by over forty different writers. Among its writers were judges and tentmakers, kings and herdsmen, priests and soldiers, prophets and doctors, presidents and fishermen. Parts of the Bible were written in tents, parts in deserts, parts on mountains, parts in cities, parts in palaces, and parts in dungeons. The last writer lived more than two thousand years after the first. Yet, despite all of these differences, the Bible has a perfect unity throughout - it is one book. From Genesis through Revelation it teaches one code of ethics, one system of doctrine, one plan of salvation, and one rule of faith. It is clearly one book. Where else can we find forty different authors, practicing different occupations, coming from different backgrounds, living under different circumstances, writing in different periods of history, whose writings form one book with perfect unity, a book with no differences of opinion or disagreements concerning the core issues of life? We, as human beings, can never make what the Bible is, because the Bible is the Word of God.

    Young Tommy watched intently as his grandfather carefully removed the back cover of his gold pocket-watch. Tommy sat spellbound as he observed thirty to forty different gears all interlocking and turning to move the hands of the watch in the right direction and at the proper speed.

    "All the wheels work together," he whispered in amazement to his grandfather.

    There are sixty-six different books and more than forty different writers interlocking and forming one Bible-one message of salvation.

    What comparisons can be made between Grandfather's watch and the Bible? How do the order and completeness of the Bible testify of its one Author? When reading the Bible, have you ever experienced the awe and amazement felt by Tommy when he observed that "all the wheels work together"?

2. The indestructibility of the Bible - Who can count the number of Bibles which have been burned in countless persecutions? Emperors have made all-out wars to destroy the Bible. People have been burned, thrown to wild animals, and tortured to

"Humanism" is a popular belief and religion in our society today. It believes that each person can decide what is true or false, right or wrong, important or unimportant for himself. Whom does a person have faith in when believing this religion? Who is his "god"? Are the "gods" in this belief system infallible? Why is humanism an insecure and comfortless religion?

  • Ethics - A system of proper conduct, morals, and principles for daily living

  • Unity - Agreement; oneness
  • Core - Central; most important

  • How does this example help illustrate the truth that the Bible's order and completeness testify of its divine authorship?

  • Indestructibility - The quality of being unable to be destroyed

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