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dissimilar periods of history. Despite all these differences, thousands have found, through the application of the Holy Spirit, that the Bible spoke personally to them. It revealed to them the true God, their own hearts, and the purpose of their lives. Why could it do this? Because the Bible is the Word of God.

    A minister once addressed his congregation with the following example:

    "If I had a very expensive and complicated lock, and there was only one known key which would fit and unlock it, I would feel very sure that the key was made by the one who built and knew the lock.

    So, congregation, when I see all the complexities and mysteries of the human heart and find that there is only one Bible which fits and unlocks human hearts, I am sure that the Bible was written by the same God who created us and knows us so perfectly."

    How does this story illustrate the truth that the Bible's ability to speak to all types of people is an evidence of its divine authorship?

4. The power and influence of the Bible -Think of the work of Bible missionaries. They enter a new territory with neither weapons to force the people nor with money to bribe them, but only with the Word of God. In many areas, when blessed by God, the Bible has changed savagery to civilization, cruelty to kindness, and lust to purity. Think of all the nations throughout the history of mankind, from the children of Israel to our nation today-when they followed the teachings of the Bible, they prospered; but when they left its truths, they declined. Why? Because the Bible is the Word of God.

    One day a woman bought a Bible at the village marketplace. After bringing it home, she began reading, and God blessed its truths to her heart. Her husband, however, was a very rough man who hated religion. One evening he came home drunk, and found her again reading her Bible. After snatching it from her, he threw it into- the burning stove and angrily shouted, "Now we'll see what will be left of your new religion!"

    The next morning, as he opened the stove door and began to stir up the ashes, he saw a half-burned page left from the Bible. He took it out and read these words:

How does this example help illustrate the truth that the Bible's ability to speak to all types of people testifies of its divine authorship?

What will happen to our nation if it continues to depart from God's truth? If God's Word, blessed by His Spirit, turns savagery to civilization; will civilized nations become more savage when they depart from the truths of the Bible?

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