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6. The honesty of the writers of the Bible - When we read a humanly-written biography the author often tries to idolize the person about whom he is writing. This is done by smoothing over his faults and enlarging his achievements. But this is not so with the Bible; we read openly and honestly about Noah's faith and his sin, David's trust and his doubt, Solomon's wisdom and his foolishness, and so we could continue with all of the biblical heroes of faith. The Bible is totally honest throughout, because the Bible is the Word of God.

    John's teacher asked each student to write the names of ten well-known Bible heroes on a blank sheet of paper.

    John listed the following:

    1 . Noah

    2. Abraham

    3. Jacob

    4. Moses

    5. Samson

    6. Gideon

    7. David

    8. Solomon

    9. Hezekiah

    10. Peter

    "Now, write next to each name that you listed, a sin or failure of that person spoken of in the Bible," instructed his teacher.

    What sins could John list next to each of the names he chose? Does the Bible falsely idolize its champions of faith? Why not?

7. The biblical teachings concerning God and man - All nonbiblical early forms of religion had gods similar to human beings. These gods had bodies and were not infallible. But, the teachings of the Bible concerning God are different. God is One, a Spirit, who is perfect in all His attributes. The books of other religions also speak differently of man: either man is good, or he is somewhat sick, and with proper attitudes and good works he can improve and eventually earn salvation. These ideas testify of their human authors, for these themes are to man's liking. We prefer to help ourselves, for this appeals to our pride. But the Bible, and only the Bible, teaches differently. The Bible proclaims that man is spiritually dead in sin. It states that man cannot save himself. It declares that

  • Biography - A book written about the life of another

  • Idolize - To adore; to view another as nearly perfect or without fault

  • How does this example help illustrate the truth that the Bible's honesty testifies of its divine authorship?

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