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  • Exalted - Honored; glorified; elevated or raised on high

  • Abased - Humbled; lowered; reduced

  • How does this example help illustrate the truth that the Bible's teachings concerning God and man are not human, but that they testify of its divine authorship?

  • Bible critics - People who question, doubt, and try to find fault with the Bible

  • Archeologists - Scientists who study the ancient history of various civilizations by uncovering and examining their past belongings, homes, customs, etc.

  • Bitumen - An asphalt-type material that evaporates very rapidly

  • Verified - Proven; confirmed
  • man stands in total need of God to deliver him. Only the Bible, in distinction from the writings of other religions, teaches the truth concerning God and man. Only in the Bible is God exalted to the highest and man abased to the lowest. Why? Because the Bible is the Word of God.

      A native of India was once shown, by looking through a microscope, the germs in the water from the Ganges River. He was then told, for health reasons, not to drink river water any longer.

      The sight of the germs wriggling around in the water deeply bothered him. In hatred and anger he took his club and smashed the microscope. He then returned to drinking river water.

      The Bible's clear uncovering of our total sinfulness often stirs within us a similar reponse as the Indian's to the microscope. How is this true? Why is this reaction so very foolish?

    8. The historical exactness of the Bible - Many historical places and occurances, long doubted by many Bible critics, have been brought to light today through the work of archeologists. Stories about the flood have been found in myths from many different countries throughout the world. Writings tablets of children attending school in Ur of the Chaldees at the time of Abraham have been unearthed. The former site of Sodom and Gomorrah has been determined; lying under huge quantities of sulfur, bitumen, and volcanic rock, the large amounts of sulfuric gases yet in the soil point back to the disastrous overthrow of these cities. The captivity of the children of Israel in Egypt has been verified in Egyptian records. Solomon's large stables and copper furnace at Ezion-geber have been uncovered. Hezekiah's pool and conduit have been discovered, still intact. So we could continue throughout the Old and New Testaments; but to summarize, let us quote a concluding statement of Dr. Nelson Glueck, one of the greatest authorities on Israeli archeology: "No archeological discovery has ever disproved a biblical record. Scores of findings have been made which confirm in clear outline, or in exact detail, historical statements in the Bible." Many errors and exaggerations have been found in the ancient records of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and other nations living during biblical times; but never has a mistake been found with the historical facts of the Bible; because the Bible is the Word of God.

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