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    Sennacherib's palace in Nineveh has been unearthed by archeologists. This King of Assyria's palace and records speak of his great pride as taught in the biblical story of Hezekiah. The proud speech and letter of Sermacherib and his general, Rabshekeh, are noted several times in scriptural history (11 Kings 18-19, 11 Chronicles 32, Isaiah 36-37).

    Sennacherib built several palaces in Nineveh with "trophy rooms." Here he proudly displayed, in stonecarved pictures and writing, exaggerated reports of his war victories. One large room, of special interest to us, is called the "Lachish Room." Twelve stone slabs, covering three of the four walls in this room, show scenes of Sennacherib's conquering of Lachish, but none display his conquering of Jerusalem.

    The translated, engraven records of Sennacherib speak in boastful language about his attacks upon Judah and Hezekiah as follows:

    "As for Hezekiah, the awful splendor of my lordship overwhelmed him and all kinds of valuable treasures he sent me ... Hezekiah the Judean, I shut up in Jerusalem, his royal city, like a bird in a cage."

    Following this there is no further record of King Sennacherib's victory; only silence! Why was there no glorious victory account recorded as found on all of his other records? Because there was no Assyrian victory over Jerusalem as the Bible tells us in 11 Kings 19:35-36. The angel of God destroyed Sennacherib's army and he returned in shame to his own country. The completion of this history would not "fit" into King Sennacherib's "trophy room," but it does fit in the historically accurate, infallible Word of God.

9. The scientific knowledge of the Bible - When we read other books, at times only a few years old, we frequently find mistakes due to a lack of scientific knowledge concerning some aspect of our environment. Especially when reading books written several hundreds of years ago, we often encounter strange explanations and beliefs regarding scientific matters. However, no proven scientific fact disagrees with the teachings of the Bible, which was written thousands of years ago. In fact, several scientific facts discovered rather recently were previously spoken of in the Bible. How could the Bible speak of these facts thousands of years before man "discovered" them? There is only one answer: the Author of the Bible was not human but divine, because the Bible is the Word of God.

How does this example help illustrate the truth that the Bible's historical accuracy testifies of it divine authorship?

Have you ever read any ancient myths or histories? If so, how is the Bible remarkably different from other ancient writings?

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