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Page 96

Why would the Roman Catholic Church teach that the Bible is not necessary while the Protestant churches teach that it is necessary for salvation?

How would the following groups deny the four qualities of Scripture?

    - Roman Catholics

    - Quakers

    - Christian Scientists

    - Mormons

    - Jehovah's Witnesses

While Protestants confess to believe in the four qualities of Scripture, how can they deny these truths in practice?

Study the following chart which displays the four differing views concerning the Bible's qualities as they are taught by the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches.

    In the summer we see many insects moving among colorful flowers. The two we see most often are the butterfly and the bee. How different are these two insects! The butterfly flutters from flower to flower, and gets a drop of nectar here and a drop of nectar there. But the bee is a hard worker, it goes down deep into the heart of the flower and

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