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    gets all the nectar from it. Then it flies to the beehive where it stores away the nectar in the form of honey, to be used as food in the wintertime.

    Are you a "butterfly" or "bee" type of Bible reader?

    A young lady was reading a book; however, she found it quite boring and uninteresting. In disgust, she threw the book onto a shelf in her closet where it lay forgotten for some months. One evening, she met a young man, whom she immediately liked and in whom she became very interested. When he told her his name, she exclaimed, "Why, I have a book whose author's name and initials are exactly the same as yours!"

    When she mentioned the title of the book that she had previously thrown onto her closet shelf, the young man said, "I wrote that book. It's mine!"

    That night, the young lady sat up until early-morning hours reading this book. The once "boring book" was now very interesting because she knew and loved the author.

    Some people view the Bible as quite boring and uninteresting, but if they come to know and love God, why would this completely change? Why do God's true children love His Word?

False Religions

All people have a general knowledge of God and a need to worship Him. This knowledge stems from their consciences and their viewings of creation. Due to man's sinful fall, the hardening of his conscience, and his lack of scriptural understanding, however, man's general knowledge often reveals itself in mistaken, twisted, and corrupt religious ideas and practices. This has led to the development of numerous false religions in the world. The main false religions in the world today are:

    1. Judaism

    2. Mohammedanism

    3. Heathenism

Study the following descriptive charts which explain the basic teachings of the main false religions in the world today.

The Scriptures contain an infinite depth of instruction. How does this require "bee" type studying of the Bible? If a person does not diligently search the Scriptures, what price will be pay in his life?

Is it possible to love God and not to love His Word? Why not? If a person continually finds the Bible to be uninteresting, of what deeper problem is this an indication?

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