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How would you prove from Scripture that Luther's teaching regarding these two doctrines was in error?

Why is Christ's everywhere presence a great comfort to some, and great fear to others?

  • Omnipresence - The condition of being everywhere present all the time
  • Jesus' ascension into heaven refers to His human nature. With His human soul and body He is, and remains, in heaven. In His divine nature, Christ always was, is, and shall be everywhere present. This is one of His divine attributes.

      "Martin Luther confused the two natures of Christ when speaking of Christ's ascension," Randy's teacher explained. "He believed that Jesus' human nature changed - that it received the perfections of the divine nature. He believed that Christ's human nature also became everywhere present in His ascension."

      "Luther also believed," his teacher continued, "that Christ is bodily present when the Lord's Supper is served, and that His physical body and blood attach themselves - that they come in, with, and under - the bread and wine."

      "Can you see how Luther's mistake concerning the Lord's Supper is connected to his error regarding Christ's ascension?"

      Randy concentrated on this question. Suddenly he saw the connection of these two errors. "Yes," he answered, "if Luther believed that Christ's body was everywhere at once, then He would also be bodily present at the Lord's Supper. He therefore believed that Christ could mysteriously attach His body to the bread and wine."

      What lesson regarding the importance of, and carefulness with, biblical doctrine can be learned from this example?

    The Heidelberg Catechism, in Question and Answer 47, provides a very clear and comforting instruction regarding Christ's presence after His ascension.


    Q. Is not Christ then with us even to the end of the world, as He hath promised?

    A. Christ is very man and very God; with respect to His human nature, He is no more on earth; but with respect to His Godhead, majesty, grace and spirit, He is at no time absent from us.

    True believers rejoice both in Christ's human nature being in heaven and in His divine nature being everywhere present.

    Is Christ's omnipresence your comfort or fear?

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