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    When an election of a president or prime minister takes place, a great deal of excitement and anticipation are generated. Who will be elected? Newspapers are full of predictions, news broadcasts dwell on the subject, and citizens make it the topic of their conversations.

    Why is so much attention given to this event? The election becomes a very weighty matter due to the importance of the position to be filled, the significance of who is to be placed into such an important office.

    The person placed in the office of president or prime minister is very important. But placing someone in the offices of prophet, priest, and king for God's entire Church is of far greater importance. Why? What can be gained or lost by the persons serving in both positions?

The importance of Christ's work as Prophet, Priest, and King for His Church is paramount. The eternal salvation or destruction of God's entire Church depends upon His work.

Placing a person in the ruling office of a country is of great importance. But, the Person placed in the offices of Prophet, Priest, and King of God's Church is of far greater importance. Why?

  • Paramount - Of greatest importance

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