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Page 138

What encouragement can be found in the fact that God is still calling sinners?

2. The gospel must be preached to all because it is precisely that which every sinner needs. The gospel contains the perfect remedy for every sinner's disease; therefore, it is to be proclaimed and promoted.

    A minister was once walking and speaking with a non-believing soap manufacturer. The soapmaker stated, "The gospel you preach has not done much good in the world. I see lots of wickedness and all types of wicked people yet!"

    Just then they passed several children busily making "mud pies." They were covered with dirt from head to feet.

    The minister stopped. Staring at the children, he replied, "Sir, the soap you sell has not done much good in the world. I see lots of dirt and all types of dirty people yet."

    "Oh, yes," the soapmaker responded, quite surprised by this reply, "but if my soap were applied to these children, it would certainly clean them up!"

    "That is precisely the same with the gospel I preach," the minister added. "The gospel cleans when it is applied. But may I ask you one question? If you saw many dirty people would you decide to quit making soap or would it give you a desire to sell it all the more?"

    How does this story illustrate the necessity of preaching the gospel to all people because it is precisely that which every sinner needs?

3. The gospel must be preached to all because it proclaims God's concern for, and claim upon, every person. Preaching the invitation of salvation to every person proclaims that deliverance is still possible for sinners; the day of salvation is not past. As the invitations of Noah to enter the ark testified to every hearer that the door of the ark was not yet closed, so the preaching of the gospel proclaims that salvation can yet be found in the great Ark of Refuge, Jesus Christ.

God's commanding all sinners to repent and believe also testifies of His Creator's right upon each individual. Although man sinned and turned from God, God has not given up His rightful claim upon man. Man is still required to obey his Creator and His call. If a person does not, he slights God and increases his guilt.

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