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Regeneration is inseparably connected to God's internal, saving call. The two exist in the closest possible connection. One is not possible without the other. Both are produced at the same time by the almighty work of God the Holy Spirit. The one is His irresistible calling of sinners to life, and the other His irresistible implanting of life enabling sinners to savingly hear His call. The following example illustrates the closeness, yet distinctiveness, of calling and regeneration.

    When Jesus raised Lazarus from death to life, we read that, "He cried with a loud voice, 'Lazarus, come forth.' And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes" (John 11:43-44a).

    Which came first, Jesus' calling, "Lazarus, come forth!" or Jesus' implanting of life in Lazarus enabling him to hear His call? Both took place simultaneously. Almighty life-producing power attended the almighty call. Therefore we can state both that Lazarus heard God's call because he was awakened and that Lazarus awoke because he heard God's call.

    How does this scene illustrate the following spiritual truths: when a sinner is spiritually born again, God powerfully calls him to newness of life and simultaneously implants new spiritual life enabling the sinner to hear God's call?

  • Inseparably - Incapable of being parted or separated; impossible to have one without the other
  • Simultaneously - At the same time

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