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Page 165

    A believer in free will was discussing the subject of regeneration with a believer in free grace.

    "So when you were saved, do you not believe that you did your part and God did the rest? Isn't this true?" the believer of free will asked.

    "I believe that I did my part and then God did everything," the free grace believer replied.

    "What do you mean? That doesn't make sense."

    "I mean that I did my part - I continued to sin and fight against God, as a totally-depraved sinner always does; but God then did everything - He totally saved me by regenerating me with His almighty, gracious power!"

    Why will the one man end with totally glorifying God's unconditional, saving grace, while the other will partially credit both God and man in salvation?

    A rough-appearing, evil-looking stranger once attended an evening church service. After the service, he approached the minister and said, "I want you to come with me."

    Several consistory members warned the minister not to go. "He's a criminal," they stated. But the minister felt that the man was in deep need and that he should go with him.

    The man led the minister through several streets and dark, back alleys in the roughest section of town. Somewhat nervously, the minister followed. Finally, the man opened a door to a dark room and lit a candle. By candlelight, the minister saw whiskey bottles and two revolvers lying on a table in the room.

    The man said, "Reverend, I am a criminal. But tonight I heard you say that Jesus can save the greatest of sinners. Is that true for someone like me?"

    "Yes," the minister replied. "No sinner is outside of God's power to save."

    "Reverend, I have not only committed a crime or two, but my whole life has been a life of crime. I've lived it for years. Is salvation possible for me?"

    "Yes, if you truly confess, repent, and turn from your sins."

Why is free grace free from the error of glorifying man?

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