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Page 173

How do the following quotations and examples testify of this truth?


Article 16

But as man by the fall did not cease to be a creature, endowed with understanding and will, nor did sin which pervaded the whole race of mankind, deprive him of the human nature, but brought upon him depravity and spiritual death; so also this grace of regeneration does not treat men as senseless stocks and blocks, nor takes away their will and its properties, neither does violence thereto; but spiritually quickens, heals, corrects, and at the same time sweetly and powerfully bends it; that where carnal rebellion and resistance formerly prevailed, a ready and sincere spiritual obedience begins to reign; in which the true and spiritual restoration and freedom of our will consist. Wherefore unless the admirable Author of every good work

wrought in us, man could have no hope of recovering from his fall by his own free will, by the abuse of which, in a state of innocence, he plunged himself into ruin.


Rev. G. H. Kersten - p. 383

However, the fact that man lacks all fitness to prepare himself for regeneration, does not make the use of the means of grace superfluous. God has determined also the means to use for the performance of election, and has bound man to the use of the means. Nor does He work in man as in a stock and block. He does not regenerate irrational animals, but rational creatures, by means of His Word which they must search and bind upon their hearts, praying that it might please the Lord to make the Word fruitful to their salvation.

    Blind Bartimaeus, the woman with an issue of blood, the ten lepers, and so many others with incurable diseases could not cure themselves. But they could place themselves in the way of means - where Jesus passed by - and cry for mercy.

    Where does Jesus "pass by" today? What means of grace may and must we use? How are we to "cry" for mercy?

God's regenerating grace produces personal conversion; we may never separate that which God has joined together. Where there is life, there is activity. Regeneration results in conversion, and conversion flows out from regeneration. Therefore, the study of regeneration leads us to the examination of the doctrine of conversion.

Was Nicodemus a church member? How did Jesus speak to him in John 3:3?

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

What lesson can we learn from this?

  • Superfluous - Uncalled for; irrelevant; not important; unnecessary

  • Why do persons who deny God's almighty and irresistible work of internal calling and regeneration deny man's only hope of salvation?

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