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Page 176

In the diagram on this page, how do the oppositely directed arrows indicate two sides in a spiritual war taking place in the hearts of all regenerated persons?

    Imagine a ship with its entire crew fast asleep, heading for a fatal crash on the rocks of a certain island. The captain of another ship sees the approaching danger, pulls alongside, and sounds such an ear-piercing fog horn blast that the entire crew springs to its feet. Being awakened to see their danger, the crew works to turn the ship around and they are saved from impending destruction.

    In this story, how is:

    - The ear-piercing awakening call a representation of God's almighty, heart-piercing, spiritually-awakening, internal call?

    - The sailors' springing to life and seeing their condition a representation of regeneration?

    - The turning of the approaching death to life a representation of conversion?

    How does this story illustrate the effectual call and regeneration taking place together - the sending and hearing of the call? The necessity of all three to save a sinner from approaching destruction?

    How do internal calling, regeneration, and conversion each differ from the items they were compared with in this illustration?

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