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Page 196

While God used simple words and short phrases in the conversion experience of this young maid, what scriptural marks of its truth can you observe?

Which verse of Scripture did God use to first teach Jonathan Edwards of delight in God and spiritual truths?

How is Rev. Edward's experience quite different from the little maid's?

    am that little girl in the inn where you stayed as you traveled to Edinburgh many years ago. You taught me two short prayers. By the first, I was brought to feel my need of a Savior; by the second, I was led to behold that Savior Himself. I have traveled far to see you to tell you with my own lips the glorious things which, by your means, the Lord has been pleased to do for my soul."

    Rev. Jonathan Edwards was a very God-fearing minister whose ministry the Lord richly blessed in the spiritual revivals which took place in his congregation.

    In his conversion experience, as recorded by himself, we find no account of any deep and distressing convictions of sin at the beginning; although later, perhaps few men ever attained to such humbling views of the depth of depravity of the human heart. His first views of divine things, however, were clear and filled with delight.

    He writes: "The first instance that I remember of that sod of inward, sweet delight in God and divine things, that I have lived much in since, was on reading those words in I Timothy 1: 17, 'Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.' As I read these words, there came into my soul, and was as it were diffused through it, a sense of the glory of the divine Being; a new sense, quite different from anything I ever experienced before. Never any words of Scripture seemed to me as these words did. I thought with myself, how excellent a Being that was, and how happy I should be, if I might enjoy that God, and be rapt up to Him in heaven, and be as it were swallowed up in Him forever! From about that time I began to have a new kind of apprehension and ideas of Christ, and the work of redemption, and the glorious way of salvation by Him. An inward, sweet sense of these things, at times, came into my heart; and my soul was led away in pleasant views and contemplations of them. After this, my sense of divine things gradually increased, and became more and more lively, and had more of that inward sweetness. The appearance of everything was altered. There seemed to be, as it were, a calm, sweet cast or appearance of divine glory, in almost everything. God's excellency, His wisdom, His purity, and His love seemed to appear in everything."

    How do these two examples show clear differences in surrounding circumstances?

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