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What is faith? Faith is believing and trusting in someone or something. It is a believing without needing proof, a reliance upon the truthfulness of another's word, a placing of confidence in another person or object.

In natural life, one speaks of having "faith" in a plank if he believes and trusts that it will hold his weight. He has "faith" in another person if he believes and trusts that he is telling the truth or that he can perform a certain function that he claimed to be able to do.

In spiritual life, faith refers to believing and trusting in God and His Word.

    When Dr. John Paton was translating the New Testament into the language of the South Sea Islanders, he could not find a native word for "faith."

    One day as he was working in his study, one of the natives came in, hot and tired from a long, strenuous walk. As he dropped into a chair, he used a native word meaning, "I am resting my full weight here."

    Instantly, Dr. Paton grasped this word as the one he needed for "faith." To "rest my full weight" upon something is to fully believe and trust - to have faith that it will support me.

    How is true faith in Jesus Christ a "resting of one's full weight" upon Him?

  • Reliance - The act of placing trust and confidence in; depending upon

  • If someone has no faith in a certain person, how will he view that person? If a person has no faith in God, how will he view God?

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