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Page 215

    As he was driving, sixteen-year-old Michael lost control of his car as he slid on unexpected ice. The last thing he remembered seeing was a telephone pole rushing toward him.

    When he regained consciousness, he was lying in a hospital bed with a nurse checking his pulse. The first thought which passed through his mind was, "I could have been killed -and what then?"

    This reoccurring thought produced deep emotions within him. The reality of eternity and the consequences of his sins stirred deep fear within him. Suddenly he did not want to talk about cars, money, or work. He only desired to talk with others about spiritual things.

    This change in Michael produced interest among his church's officebearers. Both he and they enjoyed their visits at his bedside. Michael began to be impressed with his own religious thoughts, emotions, and zeal.

    However, three months later, Michael could return home, and soon after, he became involved in the busyness of his previous life. His former lifestyle began to return. Religion started to irritate him; especially when it called for self-sacrifice, when it ran contrary to his desires. To those who knew him, it appeared that his religion remained behind in his hospital room.

    Read this story carefully. Can you identify the seven distinguishing marks for temporary faith listed on the previous page?

Can you locate the seven distinguishing marks of temporary faith in this story?

  • Reoccuring - Reappearing; happening again

  • Can God use acts of providence, such as accidents and diseases, to work true saving faith? Do outward changes in lifestyle at such times necessarily reflect saving faith?

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